Making A Difference

The Miracle Worker – Part 1/17

Helen’s Aunt: Oh, Katie, you know we all love Helen but surely you must see what an effect she is having on your household. All your time is given over to the girl. You hardly ever have time for your new baby.”

The Miracle Worker – Part 2/17
Helen’s mum and dad are at their wits end trying to confine Helen’s temper tantrums and to communicate with her.

Helen’s Dad : “Kate darling, what can anyone do? The kindest thing we could do would be to find a sanitarium.”
Helen’s Mum: “NO, Never!”
Helen’s Dad: “If you won’t send her away, then we must find some way of confining her.”

The Miracle Worker – Part 3/17
Helen’s Mum : “How much can a blind and deaf child learn, Ms Sullivan?”
Helen’s Brother : “Can you teach her to sit still Ms Sullivan?”
Helen’s Teacher: “I have to teach her language first. If she doesn’t know words, how could she know why you want her to sit still?”
Helen’s mum: “Ms Sullivan, perhaps you were misled as to Helen’s conditions. She can neither see nor hear.”
Helen’s Teacher: “But if it is her senses that are impaired and not her mind, she must have language.”

“Language is more important to the mind than light is to the eye!”

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