Created For A Purpose – The Teacher

The Creation Of A Teacher

A teacher was to be created and the angel who was assigned with the task knew that it was not going to be easy as teachers would touch the lives of so many impressionable young children.

He read the specifications given to him by the Good Lord.

The teacher must stand above all students, yet be on their level

The teacher must be able to do 1001 things not connected with the subject being taught

The teacher must run on coffee, coke and leftovers

The teacher must communicate vital knowledge to all students daily and be right most of the time

The teacher must have more time for others than for herself/himself

The teacher must have a smile that can endure through pay cuts, problematic children, and worried parents

The teacher must go on teaching when parents question every move and others are not supportive

The teacher must have 3 pairs of eyes

1/ One pair to see a student for what he is and not what others have labeled him as.

2/ Another pair of eyes is in the back of the teacher’s head to see what should not be seen, but what must be known.

3/The eyes in the front are only to look at the child as he/she ‘acts out’ in order to reflect, ‘I understand and I still believe in you’, without so much as saying a word to the child.

The teacher is one that comes to work when he/she is sick

The teacher teaches a class of children that do not want to learn

The teacher has a special place in his/her heart for children who are not his/her own

The teacher understands the struggles of those who have difficulty

The teacher never takes the students for granted

The teacher may appear too soft-hearted but he or she is also tough. You cannot imagine what this teacher can endure or do

“Can this teacher think?” asked the angel. “Not only think,” said the Lord, “but reason and compromise.”

The angel then said, “Aren’t you putting too much into this model. You cannot imagine the stress that will be placed upon the teacher.”

Look there is a drop of moisture coming from the teacher’s eye. Is that a tear? What is it for?

“The tear is for the joy and pride of seeing a child accomplish even the smallest task.

It is for the loneliness of children who have a hard time fitting in and it is for compassion for the feelings of their parents.

It comes from the pain of not being able to reach some children and the disappointment those children feel in themselves.

It comes often when a teacher has been with a class for a year and must say good-bye to those students and get ready to welcome a new class.”

“My,” said the angel, “ The tear thing is a great idea…You are a genius!!”

The Lord looked somber, “I didn’t put it there.”


Find Out how Virginia Axline could have been created for a purpose – for someone like Dibs.

READ “Dibs in Search of Self” – a true story which chronicles a series of ‘play sessions’ Virginia had over a period of one year with an ‘emotionally trapped’ 5 year old. Dibs’ wealthy and highly educated mother and father considered their son as a ‘mental case’ whereas Virginia was able to understand Dibs and saw his giftedness instead.

Dibs In Search Of Self” by Virginia Axline.

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2 Responses to Created For A Purpose – The Teacher

  1. Anna says:

    I like this! Indeed, teaching is a work of heart.

  2. Patricia Koh says:

    A teacher who believes that she is created for a purpose will make a bigger difference in the lives of children under his or her care. I am sure your teachers who inspire children through music will also find great satisfaction in charting the future for our next generation.

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